Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pre-nup Pegs

Dear readers,

My apologies for not being able to update this blog as much. As we get closer to our BIG day, more and more tasks are now really screaming out loud as is calling us to quickly attend to them.

From the time we had our TingHun, I have been busy preparing for my Ke Tseng which is on top of the pending things-to-do for our wedding.

I shall provide you with my Ke Tseng list too as this was compiled based on advice taken from my newlywed friends and relatives.

We will be having our Pre-Nup photo shoot and not wanting to go with the usual flow of having it in a garden or an amusement park, we chose this particular place simply because it is meaningful for the both of us....SAN JUAN CITY.

You see, my fiance and I both live close to one another. We are literally one baranggay away and in fact, most of our dates would take place just around the neighborhood. While walking around our area one lazy Sunday afternoon, we realized that there are a number of picture-pretty areas around us and so we agreed to just have our pre-nup shoot here..where we are most comfortable in.

Our tone will be very casual and laid back, I actually saw a slide show that will serve as our peg for the photos.

Sharing this lovely video with you:

Can't wait to have fun with Paul and our photographer Ghie tomorrow! :)

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