Friday, April 16, 2010

The Date

Back when I was younger, I thought preparing for a wedding is an easy task. I blame Hollywood for giving me the impression that as soon as the guy gets down on one knee and the girl says yes, the next is to look for that perfect wedding gown, go straight to church and tadah! You'll finally be pronounced husband and wife.

Well, in reality, it's not THAT easy. First of all you have to decide on a DATE. Ok, before you go ahead and open up your planners to choose your wedding day, being Fil-Chi would require extra patience as you have to make sure that your wedding day won't clash with any of your Chinese zodiac signs as well as that of your parents.

It took Paul and I a while before we finally had our date. First we listed down our birthdays followed by the time that we were born. Next, we also listed down the birthdays of our beloved parents. Thanks to a fellow bride-to-be who directed me to a Feng Shui master, we went to downtown Manila one Sunday for our consultation. After giving him our list of birthdays, we watch him do a little computation and finally opened his magical Feng Shui book to list down a couple of possible dates that's good for us. For extra measures, we also took into consideration the zodiac signs of our entourage members as well.

The first date was 10-10-10. Immediately, I knew that it will be difficult for us to secure our church and venue as this date is highly sought after by most soon-to-wed couples for 2010. We requested for a second date and after going through three possibilities -- we finally had a winner.


It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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