Thursday, April 15, 2010

Will you Marry me?

February 28, 2009 --
I never thought the day would come when Paul would finally get down on one knee, hand me a small box that contains a precious stone and ask me that four special words that every girl dreams to hear.

"Will you marry me?"

I almost fainted had it not been for the strong cold air coming from his car's air conditioning unit. I screamed not because of fright but more because I was shocked, surprised, happy and well...shocked.

Sure we have been talking about it, at some point I was excited but as days, weeks and months go by, I started to wonder if he really is serious about it. After all, I needed a reassurance, right? I don't want to feel foolish planning my wedding when it's not official yet. At times, I wanted to argue with him because of it but I chose to shut up and to just keep all these thoughts to myself.

The Plan

His plan was really to invite me out to lunch today and propose right there and then but last night, I invited him to have dinner with me and my family and after wards, we were just playing with the computer while talking. Suddenly, he asked me if I wanted to grab some coffee at Starbucks. I declined because I just didn't feel like having coffee. He kept quiet then later asked me to accompany him to the car as he would like to park it nearer to our gate. I didn't know why but I agreed to go with him. He asked me to ride with him and I obliged. At this point, I kinda have a feeling something is up. Well, I assumed that he must have a bouquet of roses for me as I have been teasing him for not giving me one this Valentine's Day.

Unfortunately, when he opened my door, there was no bouquet in sight. I subtly even took a peek at the back seat to check but there was none. Ok, so maybe he just wanted me to ride with him, I thought.

Finally, he was able to park the car right in front of our gate and just when I was about to go down, he pulled me right back in and gently said those four beautiful words that made me cry and scream in shock. He gave me a beautiful diamond ring which I later found out was given by his mom. My heart melted knowing that he just gave me an heirloom. This made me cry even more.

The proposal was probably not close to any of those romantic scenes that movies would normally portray. Thinking about it, I really liked the way Paul did it. It was so sincere, simple and pure which is exactly how our five-year relationship has been.

The next morning, I woke up with a big smile on my face. Of course, I'm a bit scared because we will really start planning soon and there will definitely be a lot of obstacles and challenges along the way but I just reassured myself that no matter what happens, this is a new chapter in our lives where we will finally make a promise to God that we will be there for each other, forever.

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