Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Church Story: The Wooden Door

Ever since I was a young girl, I've always wanted to get married in a medium-sized church with a big wooden door. Preferably one that is brightly-lit with no ghostly feeling all around. My first church was really Mary the Queen Church, my parish church. I was baptized and confirmed in this church and it really makes great sense to get married here as well. Furthermore, Paul and I would always hear mass here... I shall spare you with all the romantic details of the time when we first held hands (yes, during Our Father) but yes, this church brings back really good memories for the both of us.

However, after going through the church's guidelines and getting feedbacks from couples who got married here, we decided to take a trip around the neighborhood before making our final decision.

The next stop was Santuario de San Jose. I've attended quite a number of weddings here and one thing I truly love about this church is the fact that it is fully air-conditioned making it comfortable for all the guests regardless of the temperature outside. Initially, I never even thought of this church because I knew that they had a glass door. I was really sticking to my wooden door wish. Other than that, I love the ambiance, the guidelines seems fair enough and the location was perfect.

One Sunday afternoon, Paul, sensing my frustrations to find a church, invited me to drop by Santuario de San Jose for another visit. We walked around the church and went to the parish office to inquire. After getting the rates, the friendly church personnel told us to go inside the church to take a look as they have just made some minor interior renovations. We walked back to the church and went inside. There was actually an ongoing wedding ceremony at that time. After saying a short prayer, we sat down and watched the ceremony. 

On our way out, something just pulled me to look at the door and I was surprised to see that the glass door was no longer there anymore. Instead there was a beautiful big wooden door with a stained glass artwork. I immediately squeezed Paul's hand as my way of telling him... I think we found our church.

The following week, we went back to the parish office to make our reservation. As of this moment, we have already submitted all of the requirements and is just waiting to be scheduled for the Canonical Interview. Everything went like a breeze as we were properly assisted. We also attended their 1-day Pre Cana Seminar which really gave us a better grasp of our life ahead as husband and wife.

Often times, we would go inside the church and imagine how it would look like on our BIG day. Boy, we can't wait! :)

Santuario de San Jose is located inside Greenhills East village, Buffalo cor. Duke streets.

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