Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dreaming of Strawberries and Chocolates

After setting our preliminary plans on how we want our BIG day to be, we moved on to deciding on a motif and over-all theme for our wedding.

Looking at our personalities, we're not the dramatic type. Ok, so I may be an aspiring drama queen but Paul is the quiet boy-next-door who just rides with all my drama at any given time of the day. No punk or rock motif either as we do not want anything black on our special day. We thought of making it a travel-inspired wedding after loving the samples seen in the local Martha Stewart Wedding magazine then decided against it as we feel a lot are doing this already.

Finally, we went back to basic. We both love food and we love to eat. This is probably one thing that bonded us and what continues to bring excitement to our relationship. We share a number of favorite edibles but zeroed down on our two greatest indulgence -- Strawberries and Chocolates.

An example on how much we love strawberries is the fact that we make it a point to travel up to Baguio on a yearly basis to hoard..and yes I literally mean h-o-a-r-d on all their juicy strawberries to enjoy back here in Manila. In addition to this, we also love strawberry-flavored desserts and drinks.

On chocolates, its funny how much we love chocolates but not the same kind. I love white chocolates while he adores the milk or bitter dark kind. For instance, a pack of gooey chocolate brownies is the perfect way to brighten up Paul's day.

It was set then, we will be playing with the colors baby pink and milky chocolate brown. I'm so excited to see them come together on our BIG day!

image source: Chocolate Favor Wraps

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